The Real Story Of The Zero Gravity Massage Chair

I do not understand the actual historical past of zero gravity massage chairs (also referred to as “anti-gravity”), though I am going to take a stab at it depending on my personal experience with massage chairs during the last 8 9 years, mingled with a bit of healing perspective based on my nineteen years in the chiropractic career.

Zero-gravity has turned into a fairly loose phrase in the massage chair market as of late. Everybody appears to believe that their seats are zero gravity. When I glance at the seats claiming the feature, I’m a bit surprised at what’s considered zero gravity and question in case it’s only wrong marketing to obtain the zero gravity “crowd” to purchase into a specific design since it’s become such a catchphrase amongst buyers.

The story of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The entire concept of zero gravity was launched by NASA for their space plan. Human Touch and that is the biggest US producer of massage chairs, adapted the zero gravity concept to household seat design, primarily shown in their Perfect Chair type of chairs. Based on Human Touch’s site…

Influenced by the Neutral Body Posture learned by NASA during the Skylab program, the [Perfect Chair] 0 gravity recliner puts the body in a nearly weightless place to offer pleasure as well as minimum muscle tension. In this particular therapist recommended position, hips, the spine, and knee bones are on and near the healthy midpoint of the muscle groups.

The concept behind the zero gravity placing is taking pressure off the joints on the body where strain tends to appear as an outcome of the gravitational pull, i.e. poor back, knees, neck, upper back, hips, and more. I do not know in case you’re conscious of this, though gravity is among the majority punishing forces of nature on the human body. In case your body isn’t completely aligned as well as balanced, gravity will help make your body pay.

For instance, in case you have an advanced head carriage and slouched shoulder position, gravity is running a hay day in your spinal column. You are going to feel much more fatigued since yourself is fighting the consequences of the gravitational “pull”, as well as that your joints will use out too early, resulting in chronic arthritis along with other fun musculoskeletal conditions.

If you’ve already sat in a zero-gravity seat, you fully understand the idea of “weightlessness” as it pertains to the seated position. Lots of people have told me they can sleep a lot more perfectly in a zero-gravity seat than they’re able to in their routine bed. It’s really comfortable, especially for lower back pain patients, as the seat placement takes pressure off of the lower back region.

And so, What’s Zero Gravity?
To put it simply, 0 gravity, as it pertains to the seated place, is having the seat on the seat tilt up at a thirty-degree angle. That is it! That thirty-degree tilt continues to be determined to be, by engineers a lot smarter than I, the optimum place for simulated weightlessness of the man frame. Human Touch took the concept and applied it with the Perfect Chair model.

Then Human Touch took the style and applied it to a bulky massage chair version, the HT 7450. Today, for at first chance, a massage chair had the zero gravity option. This, mixed with the massage feature, would provide a quality of treatment heretofore unheard of in the massage chair industry.

Around this very same period, Sanyo announced the extremely popular Sanyo 7700 massage chair. The very same thirty amount tilt of the seat, mixed with massage therapy made the yet another of the zero gravity massage chairs. Both the Sanyo 7700 as well as the HT 7450 are really popular seats for both manufacturers. I believe the tilted seat permits them to be that popular.

0 Gravity Massage Chairs – False Advertising?
And so, how come all these various other versions professing to be zero gravity seats when their seats do not tilt up at thirty degrees? I’ve no clue. Once again, I believe it’s simply a marketing ploy to exploit the zero gravity “craze” that’s present within the market. Do not be tricked by claims of zero gravity. Naturally, virtually any massage chair, whether it’s a fact zero gravity or maybe not, is gonna be fantastic for you in your office or home and you are likely to appreciate each and every minute of it. But if you really want to get your hands on one of those zero gravity massage chairs, then maybe you should surf the web and research on what real zero gravity massage chairs look like.