Car Lift

Specialty Car Lift and Automotive Lift Options

Most auto technicians and store owners are already acquainted with the ever-popular 2 post lift and the typical 4 post lift. We have in addition dealt with these kinds of automobile lifts in previous posts, therefore we won’t be talking about them here. Rather, we are going to concentrate on the other less common automobile lift choices.

Center and front and also possibly the other most popular option for car lifts will be the scissor lift. There are many different kinds of scissor hoist. You will find mid rise and total rise scissor lifts. There’s also a scissor position rack. Most scissor lifts do shift the car forward or perhaps backward slightly if you increase it, and so make a little space to offer that movement.

Car LiftThe mid-rise scissor lift elevates the automobile to a level in the number of forty-eight inches to fifty-three inches. The main reason the level is able to change is since several mid-rise lifts has a twelve piece set of adapters which enable you to achieve many automobile jacking frame points which may not be reachable for quick adapters, or maybe the flat lifting pads associated with a low rise pad lift, (we’ll discuss low rise pad lifts somewhat later). The arms on the mid-rise automobile lift are adaptable to satisfy practically an automobile on the market. An additional advantage of the mid-rise lift is it’s lightweight so you are able to roll it around the store and also stow it dealt with in case needed. This hoist is among the very popular of the alternative variations on the industry.

The total rise scissor lift is yet another favorite automobile hoist that caters to the buyer that needs all of the advantages of a complete rise 2 posts, but who do not have enough floor room for one. That is the primary advantage of going with the total rise scissor lift in a nut layer. You’ll nevertheless be in a position to get into the car, just as you’d on the 2 post lift, and also you’ll, in addition, have the ability to stand up under it, nevertheless, it is able to compliment some really tight spaces. Unlike the mid-rise lift, this particular automobile lift should be mounted on the floor.

The other type of car-lift will be the minimal rise pad lift. These lifts are fantastic for bodywork, tire rotations, and brake jobs. They improve the automobile by the frame, therefore you will have total permission to access the wheels. The lifts include rubber lift blocks which may go on the surface area of the lift pad which will are available in handy if the car’s frame areas are hard to obtain at with only the flat pad area. These lifts just increase to a height of approximately twenty-eight inches, so you will not be standing up under the pedometer. You will find two distinct models. One is lightweight and you are not. And so in case you have to move it, obtain the portable option.

Another variation of the lower rise pad lift will be the pit lift. This lift is created to straddle pits which are typically present in lube shops. Therefore there’s no structure between the 2 pads as you will see on the lower rise lifts. The advantage of these lifts would permit a chance to access the underside of the car, via the lube pit. The tech person gets down in the pit, and also could get at each component of the automobile.

SJR Garage Equipment Ltd offers a wide range of automotive parts for your garage. These lift options are viable choices for auto shop owners and also home hobbyists alike. Other automotive lift choices can be found. We are going to address those options in later articles.