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2014 Locations and Dates

Rialto Cinemas, Newmarket
24 September - 12 October
Berkeley Takapuna, Auckland
25 September - 12 October
WellingtonEmbassy Theatre
9 October - 26 October
ChristchurchHollywood Cinema
16 October - 29 October
DunedinRialto Cinemas
8 October - 22 October

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Genre: Comedic Drama

Language: Italian with English Subtitles

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Cast: Philippe Noiret, Salvatore Cascio, Marco Leonardi, Antonella Attili

Released: 1988

Duration: 125 Minutes

Rating: PG

Distribution: Umbrella Entertainment



1990 Oscar Academy Awards: Best Foreign Film; 1991 BAFTA awards: 5 awards plus 5 more nominations; 1989 Cannes Film Festival: Grand Prize of the Jury.

‘Cinema Paradiso’ is one of the most famous and most awarded of recent Italian films.  Based on the life and times of screenwriter/director Giuseppe Tornatore, the film offers a nostalgic look at cinema and the effect it has on a young boy who grows up in and around the village movie theater.

The story begins in the present as a Sicilian mother pines for her estranged son, Salvatore, who left many years ago and has since become a prominent Roman film director. He finally returns to his home village to attend the funeral of the town’s former film projectionist, Alfredo, and, in so doing, embarks upon a journey into his boyhood post-WWII.

In the dark confines of the Cinema Paradiso, the boy and the other townsfolk try to escape from the grim realities of post-war Italy. One day, Salvatore saves Alfredo’s life after a fire, and then becomes the new projectionist. Thirty years later, Salvatore has come to say goodbye to his life-long friend and father figure, who has left him a little gift in a film can. 

A celebration of youth, friendship, and the everlasting magic of the movies.


Film Schedule    
Auckland Rialto 28 Sept 5, 7 Oct
Auckland Bridgeway 10, 13 Oct
Wellington Paramount 19, 25 Oct
Christchurch Hollywood 25, 30 Oct
  Dunedin Rialto 27 Oct 5 Nov
Nelson Suter 3, 14 Nov
Hawke's Bay Cinema Gold 10, 21 Nov
Tauranga Rialto 19 Nov
Hamilton Lido 17, 28 Nov

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