Italian Film Festival
Welcome to the Italian Film Festival 2012 - New Zealand

2013 Locations and Dates

Rialto Cinemas, Newmarket
25 September - 13 October
Bridgeway Cinemas, Northcote Pt
26 September - 13 October
WellingtonParamount Cinemas
9 October - 27 October
ChristchurchHollywood Cinema
16 October - 30 October
DunedinRialto Cinemas
23 October - 6 November
NelsonSuter Theatre
30 October - 13 November
TaurangaRialto Cinemas
6 November - 20 November
Hawke's BayMTG Hawke's Bay
13 November - 27 November
HamiltonLido Cinemas
14 November - 4 December

Italian Film

Calendar 2013 Italian Film Festival

Suter Theatre, Nelson - 30 October to 13 November 2013

Download PDF Film ScheduleBook Online @ State Cinemas

30 Oct
Nelson Gala Opening night Welcome to the North 6:30pm.
31 Oct
One Day More 2:10pm. Shun Li and the Poet 4:20pm. Mozzarella Stories 6:30pm. The Immature: The Trip 8:30pm.
1 Nov
Things from Another World 2:30pm. Take it Easy! 4:20pm. One Day More 6:20pm. Welcome to the North 8:30pm.
2 Nov
Mozzarella Stories 2:30pm. Islands 4:30pm. The Big Heart of Girls 6:30pm. Shun Li and the Poet 8:30pm.
3 Nov
Take it Easy! 1:15pm. The Big Heart of Girls 3:15pm. Piazza Fontana 5:00pm. The Immature: The Trip 7:30pm.
4 Nov
Mozzarella Stories 1:20pm. One Day More 3:20pm. Love is in the Air 5:30pm. Things from Another World 7:30pm.
5 Nov
The Big Heart of Girls 2:30pm. Things from Another World 4:20pm. The Immature: The Trip 6:15pm. Magnificent Presence 8:30pm.
6 Nov
The Entrepreneur 2:00pm. Magnificent Presence 4:00pm. Diaz - Don't Clean up 6:15pm. Terraferma 8:30pm.
7 Nov
Love is in the Air 2:30pm. Opera on Ice 4:30pm. Magnificent Presence 6:15pm. Caesar Must Die 8:30pm.
8 Nov
Diaz - Don't Clean up 1:45pm. The Immature: The Trip 4:00pm. The Entrepreneur 6:20pm. Welcome to the North 8:30pm.
9 Nov
Shun Li and the Poet 2:10pm. Kryptonite! 4:20pm. Love is in the Air 6:30pm. The Big Heart of Girls 8:30pm.
10 Nov
Caesar Must Die 1:10pm. One Day More 2:50pm. Piazza Fontana 5:00pm. The Entrepreneur 7:30pm.
11 Nov
Kryptonite! 1:30pm. Terraferma 3:30pm. Love is in the Air 5:30pm. Shun Li and the Poet 7:30pm.
12 Nov
Welcome to the North 2:30pm. Caesar Must Die 4:45pm. Kryptonite! 6:30pm. Opera on Ice 8:30pm.
13 Nov
Islands 2:00pm. Piazza Fontana 4:00pm. Take it Easy! 6:30pm. Welcome to the North 8:30pm.

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